Everyone’s goal is to be successful,and each person has his own way to define success;However,there are also various kinds of ways for people to make it.One may think success comes from courage of tasking risks ,another may think that success comes from consideration of making plans ,and the other could consider that success comes from […]


Good way to learn about a new country

As the society is developing, people have curiosities about other countries and there are many ways accessible. Though we can learn about another country through museums where show the country’s characteristics, I don’t think visiting museums is the best way since it has some limitations and we have better ways than this to learn about […]


Good health

Good health is vitally important for many people. To live a good life, all of us need appropriate medical care regardless of their ability or financial capability. Therefore, I believe medical care should be free for everybody. To begin with, most public service, including medical service, should be provided for free. With free public services, […]



This argument make a mistake in reasoning when it refer to pharmaceutical company Perkins Pharmaceuticals. Overall the argument is acceptable especially in the front parts, but the induction of Perkins Pharmaceuticals lack of credulity. Since the number of patients in argument is only ten, it is hard to confirm others. What’s more, the reference of […]


Women and men

There were always discussions and disputes about the nature of men and women. People say that women are considered as a “weak gender”, while men are considered as a “strong gender”, which is clearly understandable. I somehow agree with the statement that women are more peaceful than men. As I think everything depends on a […]


Should medical doctors have the authority to prescribe placebo pills to their patients

we strongly OPPOSE this motion that would authorize medical doctors to prescribe placebo pills to their patients. We consider that the deception that goes with prescribing placebo is absolutely unethical and unacceptable. We, in the opposition team, believes that in no circumstances doctors can deliberately lie to patients. Our second point is equally strong, related […]



This article claims that the response time of volunteer ambulance service is longer than the commercial ambulance squad. Therefore, to provide better patient health care and to increase revenues by collecting service fees, the town should cancel the volunteer service. At first glance, the argument seems somewhat convincing, but further reflection reveals that it leaves […]


Enjoy your life

I believe that life is a complex process! You never know where the life will sent you. Sometimes, unexpectedly you will find yourself at a place that you never dreamed about it. I think, we have to be prepared and ready to accept everything that the life we serve to us, despite if we like […]