How to be a good boy

Li Hua spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. As a good friend of his, I must do something to help him.   Firstly, I think it’s very important for him to learn lessons well. He should spend most of his time on his study instead of computer games. Secondly, I […]


Quality of a good son

The family is the most strong reltionship in human and it is not only in our species but also in other animals. In our society, keep one’s family is one of the usual thing. However, we sometimes heard news which is a suicide or murder of family from televisions or newspapers. These issue might break […]


Nowadays, parents gradually begin to realize the importance of education. More and more parents choose to send their child to

Nowadays, parents gradually begin to realize the importance of education. More and more parents choose to send their child to school no matter how expensive it could be. In most schools, students get a grade after doing every assignment, test, and exam. Recently, a highly-heated debate on whether grades encourage students to learn has raised […]


Parents today are more involved in their children’s education

It is universally acknowledged that parenting plays an important role in children’s education. Meanwhile, some people think parents nowadays involve in their kids’ education much more than before, while others think that’s not true. Therefore, question concerning whether this kind of involvement has increased in recent years has aroused wide attention. Personally speaking, I can’t […]


Adults and children

In rating people for his or her maturity probably in both the physical and psychological status, in a common sense, we distinguish people in a group of adult and a stage before that, which is children. Although there’s a transition in between are call teenagers, they might also be distribute to children cluster by the […]


Offer children money for high grade

In order to encourage their children to be better, parents often offer awards, such as presents and money. It is common that parents offer money to their school-age children for high grades. In my opinion, it is a good way for encouragement. First, anyone needs encouragement, for school-age children, the most important encouragement is from […]



Teenagers is a group of people that draw attentions. A certain concern raised recently of that young people is living in a circumstances with confined principles. That might not be a rational call. Although casting doubts may base on the fast increase of psychological development compared to preceding generations, there’s no sign for the synchronous […]