The value of information

Seldom are there issues in the modern society currently more salient than the value of information, which has aroused public concern. It is quite common that individual frequently find themselves engaged in battle with inner contradiction, so it is understandable to see quite a few citizens endorse that the information should be shared widely in […]


Save money for the future

While some people prefer to use their money they earn, I personally prefer to store for the future. This is because to buy a fancy house to live with my family. I will elaborate the idea with the following reasons. First, living in a house you bought make your family happy. Buying a house is […]


Although some people prefer an experienced worker with high salary, I would like to employ a worker who don’t have

Although some people prefer an experienced worker with high salary, I would like to employ a worker who don’t have enough experience with a lower salary because of the following reasons. First, the labor cost of an inexperienced worker is cheaper. Payments for employees occupy the large part of the total costs of enterprises in […]


Relationship with pets

Pets can be treated as the second member of the family. The relationship of human with such animal will provides lots of advantages. They will provide the company when someone is alone at home. They can acts as the mediator to reduce the stress. On top of that they are more loyal than human beings. […]


The one with the Central Plaza

The Central Plaza store owner has reported a decline in the customers visiting the stores in the plaza. This decrease is attributed to the dramatic increase in popularity of skateboarding. The store owner claims that the burgeoning skateboarders in the plaza are, somehow, reducing their business and many other store owners support this claim. It […]


showerhead tightening

The owner of the complex wants to save more money by changing showerhead through all buildings in its belonging. However not everything is clearly supporting his proposition as there are some deficiency in data available and his predictions are based on vague data, either. We should take account of them and put proper questions that […]


private or public

People works on different sector for earning. Some are interested in doing business of their own, while some prefer to work for an employer. I think both of them are smart decision. If you want to do business of own, you are the boss to decide everything. If we work for someone, we will be […]