Many benefits of building a new factory

In Japan, where I live, many people generally hesitate to develop a new factory near their living places. They always say that the factory could pollute the environment, or crimes will increase. However, I definitely think that building a new factory will provide a lot of benefits to our community. First of all, building a […]


What makes students go to university or college

In Japan, where I live, students go to college or university for many reasons. Students can focus on sports or concentrate on artistic activities, like music, painting, or dance at university. However, in my opinion, the three most important reasons to enter university are to prepare for your career, to have a new experience, and […]


Time that about making decisions

There are many things to consider in terms of making decisions. A prevalent saying we hear is that it’s better for us to take a lot of time to make an important decision seriously in order not to be regret in the future, since every important decision could change our live significantly. As far as […]


Development to benefit our economy

In order to develop the economic, our community has decided to buy a space and build something that would benefit to our economic. It could be a shopping, a theater or a hotel. In my opinion, I prefer to build a shopping mall. To begin with, building a shopping increase the development of the community. […]


Complain about a product or poor service

Nowadays, customer services allow people to announce their opinion about different products. Some writes review online, positive or negative, whereas others complain in person. Each method has its specific advantages and disadvantages which gives the customers opportunities to declare their comments. In my view, writing is better and I have several experiences to talk about […]


Attend schools ooutside home country

Nowadays, immigration is more common than past centuries. People want to immigrate for different reasons such as war, education, work or trade and are willing to change their situations. The majority of immigrants are students who seek an authentic degree in other countries and they are interested to expand their knowledge and experience. Although some […]


College financial funding

Education should be the equal rights to every student, but the reality does not achieve this objective turning to the opposite side in which student cannot go to a college because of financial problems. To pursue the equality, governments should implement a series of policies and methods to combat this phenomenon. Although such policies may […]


Some people prefer to travel with other people. However, in my opinion, it is preferable to select a solo journey

Some people prefer to travel with other people. However, in my opinion, it is preferable to select a solo journey by following reasons. To begin with, people can grow up by addressing problems in their travel. Given that the visiting place is completely differed from daily life, troubles are more likely to happen. Solo travelers […]


Long vacation

Some people think that one long vacation is better, while other think that several long vacations are better. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. However, in my opinion, I believe that one long vacation should be provided to students. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. […]