As modern world is developing by leaps and bounds, more and more employers and employees find that cooperative ability and leadership appear increasingly important in the workplaces. Actually, an interesting discussion has triggered among the public about which one of the above-mentioned skills is of greater significance. As for me, I think cooperative ability is […]


A zoo is not meaningful

A lot of people probably think that a zoo is one of the important and meaningful place for many people. However, I agree with the statement that a zoo is has not useful purpose. I will present several reasons to support my opinion. First of all, most of animals in the zoo are sleeping, not […]


Outdoor or indoor

I would prefer to be outside for my leisure activities because it makes me less stressed after the weekday works. When I go outside on weekends or holidays, I usually meet my friends to do sports, have good food, and join cultural activities. These activities make more relaxed than being inside. There are mainly three […]


Wealthy Donors for Platonic

The proposal above from the development office at Platonic University recommends that the university make advertisement to its alumni and other wealthy people in order to solve the budget deficit issue. This proposal is based on the success of Green University, which recently renamed itself after a wealthy donor gave it $100 million. The recommendation […]



Life in office is dependent on how smart a supervisor is in a company. There are many kinds of books about this topic because many people pay attention to the social interest of what is a good leader in order to enhance work efficiency. In my opinion, a good supervisor has the ability to communicate […]


Human’s relyance on technology

Today, humans develop improved thinking process when they rely on technology to solve their problems—technology which comprises of all machines or contraptions used to carry out domestic and industrial task. Machines are designed by humans, prior to that, we study the complexity and the technical process behind the working principle of the machine thus, enormous […]


School Funds

The financial planning office recommends that the Fern Valley University administration to combat declining enrollments and admission applications by holding a fund raising camping in order to secure funds to expand the range of subjects taught at the school and also increase the size of the library facilities. This recommendation is made based on the […]


Non-smoking rule

Today, more and more schools, office buildings, and other facilities have become to prohibit smoking. Some people welcome this change, while some other people claim it is too strict because the places people can smoke are limited widely. As for me, I am strongly convinced this kind of rule has several advantages; here are the […]