The well-being of a society

I beleive that the well being of a society enhances only upon criticism of its authority. More skeptism better is the scope for improvements. ” Failure is not permenant, feedback is the only way to failure to success.” As more and more people question the authority , there engenders a fear among those in charge […]


Human is damaging the Earth

Most people believe that human activities have made a large number of improvements to the quality of life on earth; however, researchers have demonstrated that side-effects of these activities weigh more. In the same way, my opinion is that most changes caused by human beings result in irreparable damages to the earth. Firstly, let me […]



I absolutely agree with the statement that it’s dangerous to trust only intelligence. However being most important source of judgment for human, it will give some weaknesses for if we use it alone in our conduct. Let me elaborate this point more clearly and detailed way in the following. The first reason why we can’t […]


Scinetific Research

Science forms an integral part in our lives and research and development in this field has always been prioritized by mankind. Every research requires some amount of resources ranging from human to monetary in order to carry out the activities and the government here plays a very important role. However, the funds provided to the […]