A zoo is useful and should be maintained

Some people claim that a zoo is unnecessary because all animals should live in the wild. However, I definitely support the idea that it is important to keep a zoo. I feel this way for 2 reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. First of all, a zoo has an educational purpose, especially […]


Saluda natural spring water

The author concludes that drinking Saluda Natural Spring water instead of tap water is a wise investment in good health. The argument is based on the following two facts: 1) laboratory studies show that the spring water contains several of minerals which are necessary for good health; 2) the people who live in the small […]


Complain in writing or in person?

Once in my childhood, I palyed with my favourite toy car, and with curiosity, I disassemble the car into several parts. Unfortunately, I could not group the separate parts into a whole no matter how hard I tried. As a mechanical engineer, my father patiently explain the function of each parts of the toy car, […]


A lot of advertisements are designed to be attractive, even if they are exaggerated or attached false facts on them.

The marketing field is one of the most important aspects of business. As an MBA student I can assert that without marketing, all companies cannot sell even one product. People trend to buy those products with good-looking and some nice and specific words on them. It is reasonable that companies do their best to compete […]


Art or environment

These days, a company plays major rolls not only in its industry but also in sustainable society. Some people think that companies should contribute to the development of the art, while other think companies should contribute to making sustainable society. However, in my opinion, I believe that the company should spend money to the environment. […]


Technological and manufacturing

The meaning of word pollution means to make things dirty. Accordingly the pollution of natural resources causes imbalance in the ecosystem. Currently we have been fatally surrounded by the major issue of environmental pollution. Pollution is the addition of any foreign or poisonous substances into the environment at very fast rate than the environment natural […]