Vitamin A deficiency

While it may be true that people in the impoverished nation of Tagus are suffering from vitamin A deficiency and government of Tagus should do everything it can to tackle such unfavorable condition, but the remedy offered by this author, to promote a new breed of millet doesn’t effectively relate to the problem faced. And […]


Supply to poor countries

To give support is like a blessing to a needy person. Although today’s era is the period of advancement but there are many countries which are unable to effort the facilities.Then other nations offer them some help to move on. It has both advantages and disadvantages that are discuss in this essay. For developing and […]


A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

Should students be imposed with the same national curriculum until they enter college? Students being the future citizens of the nation who carry the responsibility of nation’s pride and prosperity, should be provided with a curriculum which is not same nation wide. There are numerous advantages of having different curricula for schools. Firstly, the students […]



Successful countries, called developed countries, are reflected in their excellent health services, high education levels, and equal justice practices for everyone thereby improving their citizens quality of life. Furthermore, developed countries are difficult to be influenced by the monetary crisis even they tend to control the world economies. All these characteristics of wealthy nations are […]


Education of a nation

In this rapidly changing and ever evolving world, the primitive thing which can help an individual from his/her birth to death in evolving at the same pace with the world is EDUCATION. The issue presented says that curriculum should be the same for all students until they move onto college. I agree with the statement […]


Childhood years

There are probably many people who agree with the idea that a person’s childhood years from birth to twelve years of age are most important years of a person’s life. I also agree with this idea that children from birth to twelve-year-old can spend the most significant time of a personal life. In this essay […]