Some people may prefer to read a book to watching a movie, because written form of novel can stimulate your imagination unlimitedly. The two factors enable me to like watching a movie more than read a book: Visual and sound aids from a movie. There is no doubt that visual aid has a big advantage […]



There should be many opinions on which is more enjoyable reading the fiction or watching the movies. Many people may think the movies are more interesting and fun. However, I would like to choose fiction such as novels and short stories as the activity to enjoy myself. Let me use the following reasons and examples […]


Movies are popular nowadays

Movies are very special in their own way where an individual gets to learn something. Nowadays people prefer to watch film to obtain some deep comprehension about the place the movie was filmed. I will be exploring about the importance of movies in the following essay. Firstly, I believe that an individual can learn various […]


Greater budget on advertising for movies

The author suggests that greater budget on advertising would make more people come to the Super Screen produced movies because the quality of the movies is not to blame. The arguments presented here to support that statement is full with holes and assumptions. First of all, the author assumes that the report from the marketing […]


A member as in a group

We all have an identity after born, especially when we are in a group other than our families. Few among us become leaders in various groups on numerous fields, yet most people are members. To compare which is better? Being a member is admitted. In spider-man movie, it says” Those who has the great power […]


The effects of movies and television on people

In many years there has been much controversy over the effects of movies and television on people, espesially on the behavior of young people. As for me, I totally agree with the statement that movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. This essay will explore the […]


Generally, many people likes entertainment, especially movies. In my opinion, they like movies for the following reasons. One is that

Generally, many people likes entertainment, especially movies. In my opinion, they like movies for the following reasons. One is that people can control their feeling by watching movies. Happy stories make us happy, and sad ones make us sad. Even when we are depressed, some movies are encouraging. Moreover, when we appreciate a wonderful love […]


Reading fiction

There is no shortage of debate about wether it is enjoyable to read fiction than watch movie, in my point of view, it is more advantageous to watch films. I feel this way for two aspects, and i will try to develop my points through following paragraphs. To begin with, watching movie not only can […]