Meet historic people

There are so many historian people I want to see, but it is Mr Yataro Iwasaki, founder of Mitsubishi Group, the giant conglomatic in Japan, that I would like to meet. Mitsubishi Group has long played an important role to commite the development of Japan. Shipbuilding was the origin of Mitsubishi group. Almost 200 years […]


City life

There are many factors affecting our life, such as a working environment, weather condition in whole seasons, and the place to live. Some people prefer to spend their life in suburb area to relieve the city life stress. They usually say that a large amount of nature surrounding their neighborhoods also comforts them. However, I […]


Who to meet

Recently in modern society, people‚Äôs sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the person they would like to meet. If asked, each would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I would like to meet Hideki Matsuyama, a famous golf player. Of course, each famous entertainer and […]


How many friends?

The society is made up with many different people, and many different communications between those different people, and you can’t just know or meet a few people to be convenient and enjoyable in daily life of the society absolutely. Therefore, I strongly believe that to make many different and new friends in more important for […]


People are living longer now

People are living longer now. People have different reasons to go to a college or university. Some people would go to a university just to prepare for a career to seek a better job, and others might go there because they would like to study in a specific field. Also, we can have new experiences […]


Sports and social activities at universities

In this day and age, there are much more sports and social activities at universities, which also receives some financial support. The debate over whether it is a good trend has been raging for some time. Some consider that university is a place to study knowledge and attending such useless activities should be deemed as […]



There are many celebrities and a lot of athletes whom people want to meet in life. It would be a very curious event if I got such chance. The person whom I would like to meet is Buffon, one of the most famous and fantastic soccer goalkeepers in the world. The main reason why I […]