My father

I have a 42 years old father. He is short and thin but good looking. He has black hair and black eyes like many other Chinese people.   My grandfather was very poor when my father was young. So my father had to work hard. Now, he has a good job but he still works […]


Choosing a major

In this day and age, whether it is beneficial for student to choose major needed in job market, lead a heated discussion. Undeniably, job is significant for our lives, it’s our major needed by market that enable us to reach and adjust different works quickly.However, have my eyes on the future.the major in which we […]


Wait for a satisfying job

There are always two kinds of people in the society, one of which choose to land a job as fast as possible after their graduation, while the other kind tend to wait for an opportunity of a satisifying job. Accordingly, question concerning whether people should take the job once they are afforded with the opportunity […]


Young people do not give enough time to help their communities

With the highly developed technology and an increasing number of ways of communication, young people are endowed with the responsibility of the society and communities’ future development. However, adolescences nowadays seem to always be occupied with different kind of things, which hardly leave them time for helping with their communities. Therefore, discussion concerning whether young […]


Why study abroad

Nowadays, international communications have become more and more frequent and convenient, education becomes a worldwide affair too. Students love to study abroad. The ratio of undergraduate students study abroad after graduation have doubled in the past two years, most of which choose to study in America regardless of the fact that the tuition needed has […]



With the development of modern society, it is common to see people walking their dog in the park. These people raise pets, feed them, keep them accompany, and regard them as a part of their family. Meanwhile, opponents of such relationships might state that this kind of behavior is unreasonable since pets cannot think as […]


Spend money on pets

With the development of our society, an increasing number of families raise one or two pets for a better life quality. However, some people maintain that too much money are unnecessarily spent on these pets. In my opinion, it is not true and people should spend money on their pets. To begin with, people enjoy […]


Education for children

Education for children at a very young age has been payed tremendous amount of attention by parents and is always an important issue that parents should take care of. Some of those parents have come up with several unique ideas to make their kids’ performance better. Of all the performance of children, grades they attain […]


Rich people

Though some people in Japan, where I live, may disagree, I definetly against the opinion that the only rich people are successful. There are some reasons for it. First of all, money cannnot buy everything. For example, unfortunately, my father is not a rich person, but, in my opinion, he is one of the most […]