New students

Students who move to a new school encounter problems in the unknown environment for them and supports from school are essential to lead a comfortable school life. In my opinion, the school should give an opportunity to do a group assignment about their school’s neighborhood with existing classmates and to introduce not only the new […]


Heating oil

Investment advice is given grounded on solid facts, comprehensive analysis, and careful considerations. However, while the letter to the client illustrated some evidence that could be true, further investigations including more details and more logistic illustrations are needed in order to form considerate suggestions. It is true that weather change in the northeastern of United […]


Many benefits of building a new factory

In Japan, where I live, many people generally hesitate to develop a new factory near their living places. They always say that the factory could pollute the environment, or crimes will increase. However, I definitely think that building a new factory will provide a lot of benefits to our community. First of all, building a […]


A zoo is not meaningful

A lot of people probably think that a zoo is one of the important and meaningful place for many people. However, I agree with the statement that a zoo is has not useful purpose. I will present several reasons to support my opinion. First of all, most of animals in the zoo are sleeping, not […]


Newspaper Coverage

In the memo above from the publisher to the staff of Clarion, the publisher claims that the newspaper should consistently devote a greater proportion of space in all editions of the Clarion in order to increase circulation and profit. The premise of this claim is based on the fact that in a recent survey taken […]


Manager’s statement

At first glance, the manager’s statement telling that we should concentrate on the state of Urba rather than on the state of Sylva to have more customer of our national newspaper is convincing. However, a careful examination of his claim uncovers that the argument relies on a series of unsubstantiated assumptions, which render it unconvincing […]


Large shopping center

Before I begin stating whether I agree or disagree with the statement, I would like to note what kind of town I live in. I live in a town where no big restaurants or famous stores exists. I live in a town where it snows heavily during the winter. I live in a town where […]


Professor’s salary

Nowadays, the quality of education has been increasingly integral to our lives. Some people believe that universities should increase salaries that university professors receive to enhance this quality, whereas some may disagree. In my view, it is imperative to pay higher remunerations to teachers at universities to improve the quality of education. To begin with, […]