Physical fitness

The author has made a statement related to statistics in Corpora region that 20 years ago one half of the poulation was fit and now it has reduced to one quarter. Then he states the assumtion made by the board. He refutes with counter example that fitness levels were high where usage of computers were […]


Global warming is real

Imagine a world, where every step you take outside, you have to wear a gas mask. Imagine a world, where all the beauties of mother nature has been completely demolished. Imagine waking up one day, to find that all of the animals you love, are extinct. This will be our future generation, with the increasing […]


While I do not agree 100 percent with the statement as currently phrased, I do agree with the general point

While I do not agree 100 percent with the statement as currently phrased, I do agree with the general point of the assertion that scandals are useful because they focus the public’s attention in a uniquely powerful way, beyond what all but the most energetic and compelling speakers and reformers can achieve. This is true […]


History or Science

Some people believe that students should study history and it’s more important than mathematics and other sciences while the others like me disagree with this idea. History, literature and sciences are all helpful to improve but in my opinion learning sciences and mathematics have more benefites. My first reason is that you need strange logic […]


dissuade students

Students go through a various educational institutions during their tenure of academics. This starts with elementary educations followed by secondary, senior secondary, bachelors and so on. Different students have different levels of interest in academics and that decides their attrition at different levels of education. The success of a person in society is largely parameterized […]


Economic Fitness

The argument makes number of assumptions regarding reasons for declining fitness levels of citizens of Corpora. The author gives different specious reasoning as more usage of computers and the decreasing economic stability. The fitness levels are needed to be maintained but the statements which the author makes are fallacious. The evidence in the favor of […]


Impact of education

Education being a human’s friend of entire life-span, has only lead a human being to growth of human race. Right from a child learning to walk which is a part of child rearing, until the death, education plays a crucial role. The this education changes its course time to time coming up in a human […]


Cortisol levels

Humans produce different levels of cortisol during stress periods. But what factors may affect cortisol levels produced by different people? In the preceding statement the author claims that based on a recent experiment done on rhesus monkeys, firstborn individuals produce higher level of cortisol in stressing situations as compared to the others. Though her claim […]