Movies are popular nowadays

Movies are very special in their own way where an individual gets to learn something. Nowadays people prefer to watch film to obtain some deep comprehension about the place the movie was filmed. I will be exploring about the importance of movies in the following essay. Firstly, I believe that an individual can learn various […]


Children foreign language

Nowadays, people’s sense of value has been diverse so that there are various opinions toward the foreign languages education. Some people think that children should be taught foreign language in the early stage, while some people think there is no need to learn for children except their mother tongue. As far as I am concerned, […]


University should hire non-native speakers as languages instructors

At first glance, the author’s conclusion that the university should hire non-native speakers as languages instructors instead of hiring native speakers for all language classes seems reasonable. However, a careful examination of the claim reveals that the argument relies on a series of unsubstantiated assumptions, which render it unconvincing as it stands. Before any final […]


Communication skills

Some people say that the critical skill for success in the world today is the communication skills with others because in this global society it is essential to understand people from different background. Others think a logical way of thinking is also important since today’s world is becoming more and more complex. In my opinion, […]


Studying abroad

Studying abroad is invaluable experience for many students. In my opinion, the reason for their motivation is the communication skills they can obtain through the experience. I feel this way for the following two reasons. To begin with, living in a foreign countries improves the students language skills. For many students from non-English speaking area, […]


Children should begin learning a foreign language

When should children start learning a foreign language? This is a controversial issue and there are a lot of attitudes toward it. Some state that they should learn it as soon as possible, while others argue that they had better begin to learn it when they enter a junior high school. If asked, both groups […]