One or many subjects

There are some benefits for concentrating to study only one subject, but I agree with the idea that Universities encourage students to take classes in many subject due to the following reasons; it is purely fun to study a lot of area, and the complicated system of our society demands us to study a several […]


Wide knowledge or Specific Major

There are so many people doubting on whether a broad knowledge of many academic sujects take the advantage of specializing in one specific subject. We have to realize the fact that the method of learning is more essential rather than the knowledge itself. As we are in the century full of knoeledge and information, just […]


Grades are helpful for students to learn

Some people think that they can study by themselves and competing with other based on the grades is not meaningless. However, in my opinion, I agree with the opinion that grades are helpful for students to learn. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, […]


To what extent should universities function as training grounds for employment?

University, as a highly regarded social institution, has always been approbated for its ability to refine individuals and consequently the whole society through its enriched context of knowledge-seeking and problem solving. This is the moral undertaking that ancient schools with a striking resemblance to our humanities universities today had which is still deemed an important […]


Young children should play more

Nowadays, it is becoming an increasing trend that parents lay great emphasis on their children’s education. However, whether young kids should spend most of their time studying or playing remains controversial. As far as I’m concerned, I believe children deserve more time to play. The reasons go as follow. Firstly, young kids normally aren’t mature […]


Does TVs promote learning?

Everybody has their own views about whether watching TV can promote people to learn more than reading books. Although some individuals might argue that watching TV can promote people to learn more than reading books, I personally disagree with this argument. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the […]



In recent years, people’s sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the role and contribution of the Internet. If asked, each would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I believe that the Internet has brought great benefits especially the valuable information rather than problems. First of […]