Preschool education

Preschool education is at the heart of development of a person , so more and more adults have attached great importance to their children’s preschool education. However, it is not cheap for parents to pay the tuition. Therefore, some parents appeal to the government to make preschool education free of charge. In my opinion, I […]


What activities should parents do with their kids

When thinking about the issue that what kinds of activities should parents do when they spend time with their kids, different people will have different answers. Maybe some parents believe that they should spend more time helping their children to finish the homework, however, I insist that playing games or doing sports is the better […]


Young children should play more

Nowadays, it is becoming an increasing trend that parents lay great emphasis on their children’s education. However, whether young kids should spend most of their time studying or playing remains controversial. As far as I’m concerned, I believe children deserve more time to play. The reasons go as follow. Firstly, young kids normally aren’t mature […]


Parents today are more involved in their children’s education

It is universally acknowledged that parenting plays an important role in children’s education. Meanwhile, some people think parents nowadays involve in their kids’ education much more than before, while others think that’s not true. Therefore, question concerning whether this kind of involvement has increased in recent years has aroused wide attention. Personally speaking, I can’t […]


Child education

Nowadays, those who keep an eye on children education start to debate whether younger pupils should acquire art and music classes in school considering they already have many subjects such as math, language, science and history. Although artistic curricula might seem less significant and essential to some parents, especially in China, I personally advocate for […]


Playing video games

Nowadays, a lot of video games go on sale every year, and a lot of people from children to adults enjoy playing video games. In this situation, some people might say that playing video games is just a waste of time and children should not be allowed to play video games, whereas other people might […]


Time decide by themselves

When children are growing up, their parents are keeping their eyes on their kids to help them find the right ways, like applying violin classes for children to build their musical abilities or offering them specific courses about mathematics. It is true that parents try their best to take care of their children, but making […]