Education for children

Education for children at a very young age has been payed tremendous amount of attention by parents and is always an important issue that parents should take care of. Some of those parents have come up with several unique ideas to make their kids’ performance better. Of all the performance of children, grades they attain […]



Some people think that it is uncomfortable to take care of neighbors or to communicate in their daily life. However, in my opinion. I want to spend my daily life with neighbors if neighbors have the following characters, because I am convinced that neighbors with those qualities should make me excited.  Firstly, since I want […]



Mother’s role in raising kids is undeniable but I think when every child is born, both the parents are equally happy and desire to do their best for their child. It would be injustice if we say that one of the parent is more important than the other. In many houses the mother spends more […]


a second languages

Speaking another language is very important in the society nowdays.Whether you go to vacation or apply for a job ,a second language is essential.Some people think that children should begin learning other language as soon as they enter their schools while others would disagree.In my view,its just unnecessary waste of times for both students and […]


Teachers for life

Parents are our first teachers since we are born. They are only people who are involved in our life selflessly and a part of them in always ready to sacrifice for our betterment regardless to anything. They teach us the basic likes walking, eating, behaving, speaking and many such activities before we face the actual […]