Some people think that saving up money for their later life is a better option than using it right after they have earned it. However, in my opinion, making use of the money you have earned can lead to a better life than keeping it in a bank account. To begin with, investing the money […]



In my opinion, governments should spend money on improving public transportations rather than investing on roads and highways. There are three reasons: environment, equality of access and job creation. First of all, it is more environmentally friendly to use public transportations than driving a car. Improvement in public transportation will increase the use of it, […]


This article claims that investing in heating oil and Consolidated Industry is recommended in northeastern United States

This article claims that investing in heating oil and Consolidated Industry is recommended in northeastern United States. However, it relies on some unsubstantiated assumptions and wrong evaluations. It assumes that below average of weather is seen in only in this part of the country. Moreover, the author supposes that prediction of the university about coming […]


Charlie_GRE_Nature’s Way

The author states that next new store should be built in Plainsville, which is based on the assumption that local residents living in Plainsville are concerned with leading healthy lives. Since sales of running shoes and exercise clothing keep all-time highs and more members join the local health clubs, it is easily to conclude an […]


Cola vs Coffee

In the argument, the author concludes that the demand for coffee will increase whereas that for cola will decrease during the next 20 years. She bases her conclusion on certain facts, which include, studies show thatt consumption of coffee increases with age whereas consumption of cola decreases with age. She also cites the fact that […]


Value Investing

Value investing was a useful way in the stock market. In academic research, they found many evidences that using value investing could beat the market. In practice, the best-known investor, Warren Buffett, who use value investing to become extremely rich. We combine our own experience in value investing, some ideas from academic theses and value-investing […]


buying a jewelery

If I ever have received a gift of money,I would have bought a piece of jewelry than tickets to a concert.In my mind,I think buying a jewelry is better than buying concert tickets.Buying a jewelry is more like investing , more useful for many reasons. First of all,buying a jewelry is better than concert tickets.If […]