There is no shortage of debate about whether techonoloy can do good to our world. I support the idea that technology has contribued a lot to make our live better. I feel this way for 2 main reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. First of all, scientists who find out new technologies […]



Dating back to a thousand years ago, human beings are still limited in a small island, the only way to travel for a long distance is to walk with the horse for months. It takes more than a month to simply send a mail to their friends within the country, not to say across the […]


Aging society

These days, people’s life-span is extending, particularly in developed countries. For example, average lifetime of Japanese women is over 88, and this number is still increasing. The reason why this phenomenon is happening is complicating and there are many convincing reasons about this problem, but in this essay, I will discuss three main reasons. First […]


Overview of Modern Civilization

As years are passing on, Modern society problems have led many people to complain that “We Live in Terrible Times”. Even though given the choice, no one today would prefer to live in any other times because of addiction to technologies might be a major reason. Earlier days where the society was still under developing, […]


How advertising affect us?

How advertising affect us? This is a controversial issue and there are two possible attitudes toward it. Some state that it gives us useful information about new products, while others argue that it encourages us to buy items which are not necessary. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. I […]


Travel and needs

Man has come along way from living In mountains, wearing leaves, eating raw food to this globe trotting era of technology where everything is just a touch of a finger away. this vast change in the environment was possible only because we as humans are superior than animals. Human brain has the ability to explore […]



Necessity is the mother of invention is the best way to begin this topic. To say that North Americans have become too dependent on automobiles for travel is an understatement. People from all over the world are dependent on automobiles not only for travel but for their day to day activities as well. Today in […]