Exterior forces or self-will

Whether exterior forces or self-will is the dominant factor affecting one’s behavior is largely different from individual to individual. Although I cannot deny that people tend to behave differently under different circumstances, it is not necessary to draw a conclusion from that fact that they are making choices primarily based on forces not of their […]


The influence of classmates is more significant

Some people may assert that parents influence their children predominantly compared to classmates regarding children’s success in schools. Others may state the opposite view. In my opinion, the influence of classmates on children is dominant in their successful life in schools for three reasons, which I explore in the following essay. First, human beings are […]


Youth today can influence on the important decisions

The statement raises an issue which concerns whether youth today can influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society. Two antithetical ideas can be identified, one holding that, the other arguing that. From my perspective, youth. Admittedly, elders have some advantages when they want to influence those decisions that are important for […]


Teaching each other

Some people think that the parents will influence their child more than classmates of their child for success in school. But I strongly believe that child will be influenced by their classmates for following reasons. First of all, children will spend more time with their classmates than the parents of the child. It means that […]



Whereas some people say the generation, a person’s childhood years is essential for his life because the period has a significant influence on the person’s personality, others think more mature age is the main ages for his life because people need to make a big decision in their career. In my opinion, the childhood years […]


Controversy exists when we think about this question in daily life because there are some difficulties in deciding the balance

Controversy exists when we think about this question in daily life because there are some difficulties in deciding the balance between economic growth and saving money. However, I strongly agree with the statement from my experience. People can not avoid desiring something new because people have the desire to be complete something devoided, and they […]


The most important influence on young adults

With the development of science and technology, youngsters have started to play a significant role in the whole country. Government has also begun to pay more attention to education respect. As we all know, a variety of inside or outside unpredictive factors might impact on the development of youngsters. Some people would just proclaim that […]


Plan and organize

Life of people are becoming increasingly complex with more and more new concepts as well as emerging techniques. Therefore, the ability to plan and organize for young people seems with greater importance than ever before. I would then examine below the specific reasons for preparing a plan according to which are the most common view […]