Everyone has different views about whether or not television has ruined communication between human beings. Although some individuals insist that televised media made a bad effect on communication between persons, I am strongly against such an idea. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. Firstly, one […]


Choosing a major

In this day and age, whether it is beneficial for student to choose major needed in job market, lead a heated discussion. Undeniably, job is significant for our lives, it’s our major needed by market that enable us to reach and adjust different works quickly.However, have my eyes on the future.the major in which we […]


Milk and dairy product

  In this argument ,the arguer concludes that a diet rich in dairy products may increase,instead of decreasing the risk of osteoporosis,alluding that we should limit the consume of such products for health’s sake,To support this conclusion, the arguer cites the result of a study that those who have consisitantly consumed dairy products are more vulnerable […]


Government’s role

Just as individuals seek for success and spend their effort and time to achieve their goals, so is the same with the whole countries. A country that is not aware of the worldwide changes technologically, politically and financially will be left behind. In my opinion, the ruling system of the country and I mean by […]


Independent essay

It is widely questionable whether teachers should earn their wages related to their students’ progress or not. In my opinion, educators should be paid according to their ability to engage and motivate learners rather than valuating the results students get. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I am going to develop in […]


Eating at home or outside

In modern society, the number of individuals who choose to eat at food stands or restaurants has been alarmingly increased. Some people hold the idea that eating outside could save a lot of time due to the faster living speed, and they could savor different palatable dishes in restaurants. Nonetheless, I do not agree with […]