Mother Theresa

In the mankind history we can find many examples of people that made the difference for a better world. ” If you are seating under a tree shadow now, it is because someone plant this tree many years ago”. As an example of people who made the difference, we have Mother Theresa, recognized for her […]


Silk sari for an international exhibition

Every country has their own unique identification, it may be in the form of art and architecture or craftsmanship of the people, It is an honor to participate in an international exhibition. There are many things from my country to exhibit in the exhibition, but according to me, I would like to choose a silk […]


Study of a society

The importance of a society lies in its social, cultural, political and scientific heritage. It is encompassed in its uniqueness and its contribution to the world. Major cities today, mainly concentrate on economic, political and scientific development. In comparison, not much importance is given to the development and sustenance of its culture and hence to […]


activity plan

When it come to plans of free time activities, everyone has their own opinions. I prefer to plan my leisure time in details for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay with comparinson of merits and demerits. First, planned trip save me a lot of times. For instance, when I traveled to […]