Paintings, sculptures etc

Art has always been the the culmination of all the creativity of a nation expressed through various mediums like paintings, sculptures etc. However, the issue whether government funding of arts is detrimental to or essential for the enhancement is a debatable and complex one. Definitely, one can argue that giving funds to arts can make […]


The widespread use of the Internet

The widespread use of the internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before. How does this increase in the availability of information influence life in today’s world. Most people agree that the Internet affects society in many different ways. In my opinion, the most prominent effect of the Internet is […]


Open discussion

“Listen to it then memorize for one week, read it to memorize for one month, look at it to memorize for one year but if you one to understand it for your whole life, do it yourself.” This proverb completely illustrates the importance of actively participating in learning process at classes. In my opinion classes […]


Most people agree that parents and other family members affect young adults in many different ways. In my opinion, it

Most people agree that parents and other family members affect young adults in many different ways. In my opinion, it is better for young people to live independently. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in this essay. First of all, early independence enables teenagers to develop their self-control skills. If […]


Time decide by themselves

When children are growing up, their parents are keeping their eyes on their kids to help them find the right ways, like applying violin classes for children to build their musical abilities or offering them specific courses about mathematics. It is true that parents try their best to take care of their children, but making […]


The world is changing fast

Parents plays an important role in their children’s lives, but the degree to which children should depend on their parents can be controversal. A few people I know try to do everything for their children so that the kids can devote all their time to their studies. Howerver, most parents today encourage their children to […]


Household tasks.

When the question of whether children should be required to help with household tasks is brought into dicussion, public opions vary. Some people adopt the idea that children should spend all of their time on either studying or having fun rather than doing household tasks. Others, in contrast, hold the notion that joining parents to […]


Build a statue

In today’s expensive life, it has a great importance to be able to save some money for the future and vital situations. Nowadays, children are significantly supported by their family and a few number of them are financially independent. However, from my point of view, the fact that children must be able to manage their […]