Extended family today

There is no shortage of debate about whether today’s extended family still play a pivotal role or not. In my opinion, that the role of relatives was not crucial than it once was. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First of all, certain roles once […]


Children foreign language

Nowadays, people’s sense of value has been diverse so that there are various opinions toward the foreign languages education. Some people think that children should be taught foreign language in the early stage, while some people think there is no need to learn for children except their mother tongue. As far as I am concerned, […]


The merit of living in traditional house

Some people think that living in a traditional house is better than living in a modern apartment building, while others think the completely opposite, living in a modern apartment building is better than a traditional house. If asked, probably both groups will provide logical reasons to explain their assertions. I personally prefer to live in […]


university attendance policy

When I look at my university’s agenda, the university policy about class attendance stands out as a controversial topic. Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes while others disagree. In my opinion, university students shouldn’t be required to attend classes. I hold this opinion for two reasons which I will […]



Nowadays, with the growing trend of technologies, people virtually struggle with hectic life. The issue of whether people prefer doing work by hand or using machines arouses much public controversy among people with different social strata. While some people extol the virtues of using machines, there are some others holding the view that handicrafts are […]


Past is only one

In the statement, it argues that it’s impossible for anybody to make a significant contribution without prior knowledge about that field of endeavor. In most cases, I agree with this statement. However, instead of just accepting this fact without any reflection, we should take account of some intricacies that can occur in this rich life. […]