In Japan, where I live, the number of people who have smartphones has been dramatically increasing in the last 5 years. I personally agree that smartphones has a positive impact on us. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First of all, the smartphones enable us to […]


Classments or parents

We spend a lot of time with our friends in school and our parents in our family. Both have great impact on our success. In this setting, the question at hand is which have a stronger impact on our success in school life, classmates or parents. I strongly believe that classmates contribute to our successful […]


Automobile Essay

Automobile brings huge impact to transportation progress, which makes us easier to go anywhere we want. In my opinion, automobile has absolutely improved modern life. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore more in the following essay. First of all, the influence of automobile to our modern life is to […]


Always telling the truth

Some people think that always telling the truth is not the most important consideration in any relationship between people; however, I agree with the statement that always telling the truth gives positive impact on any relationship between people for the following reasons. First of all, telling lies causes people many troubles. To give an example, […]


Issue 6- Competition

Whether competition is beneficial or detrimental to the society? I believe that competition having any impact on the society depends on the nature or the core of the competition. Competition can go either way, it may be beneficial to the society or deleterious. I think the writer stretch to far saying competition is ultimately beneficial. […]


Movie Star

The column in the enteraintment magazine claims that the producers of the upcoming movie 3003 should pay Robin Good several millions to star in the movie in order to maximize profits. This conclusion is drawn on the basis that Robin Good was paid several million dollars for films in that past that have turned out […]