Technological advancements

Technological advancements have changed the way we live our lives, with resources at our fingertips we can save a lot of time and use it for personal development. In my opinion, life has certainly become easier. My opinion is influenced by two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, […]


Grades do encourage students to learn

As modern education continues to become more and more liberal in character, the usefulness of grades as a form of assessment has been called into question. Personally, though, I believe that grades do encourage students to learn. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, […]


Increased productivity

The author of the argument has given the credits for the increased productivity of the Apex Manufacturing to its scheme. In the scheme, the company has bought computer for its manager in thier homes and has also paid for the telephone connections so that the managers could access data files from home even after normal […]


High-paying job would be preferred

Roughly speaking, there are four types of jobs in the world; high-salary with short hours, high-salary with long hours, low-salary with short hours and low-salary with long hours. Definitely people want to avoid the last type of job, and eager the first type one. However, how about these second and third ones? The jobs categorized […]



Although the complaint sometimes makes others feel bad, such complaint about a devoided products or services is used to enhance the quality of it. If I had to choose the style, text or oral communication, I would like to complain in person.The reasons for this are that I can easily prepare what I would say, […]


Working vs personal fun time

Some people think that most of the people in my country perform their duty enough because they work hard, pay taxes and make children get an education, all of them are the three primary duty in my country. Others claim that many people spend their time in their leisure, not their duty because we can […]


Work three days a week for long hours

Adults are supposed to have a job, whether we like it or not, to earn a living. We can though have a wide spectrum of job to choose: different job positions, different working time and different working locations. It is not uncommon that people‚Äôs choices vary, and for me, I prefer a job requiring me […]


Do Not Risk Your Project

The efficiency of study hours of students is an essential priority since they can be encouraged to study more in case of high productivity. This has always been a controversial issue that students should whether work together or individually. Both sides have their strong advocations and opposition with their convincing facts and ideas. However, one […]


A new high school

One of the rigors of the modern hectic life is choosing an appropriate work schedule in order to have sufficient time for both your work and your personal life. Controversy exists over whether having a job with five days and shorter hours is far more efficient than three days of work with longer hours. I […]