In what way are music and art important?

The art of music has long been an indispensable part of human existence. A fundamental cornerstone of our civilization, music has always had the magical power to make things move, from bringing individuals to undertake heroic acts to uplifting nations singing under a unified tone to achieve great things. Music is what babies are first […]


A professional Taekwondo player

As a professional Taekwondo player who has won third place in the National University Taekwondo Championships and first place in the Beijing University Taekwondo Championships, my passion and persistence in studying materials always puzzle the people around me. They often ask me why I am so motivated to pursue a career in this industry, however […]


Classments or parents

We spend a lot of time with our friends in school and our parents in our family. Both have great impact on our success. In this setting, the question at hand is which have a stronger impact on our success in school life, classmates or parents. I strongly believe that classmates contribute to our successful […]


It would be a wrong notion that depth of knowledge gained from books will be much richer and broader than

It would be a wrong notion that depth of knowledge gained from books will be much richer and broader than what can be learned from direct experience.Knowledge gained from books can be considered rudimentary, enough for survival in this world.This knowledge can help us tackle predefined sequences which occur day to day in our lives. […]


Childhood years !

Childhood is very important part of our life. It is where we begin to see and learn about the world. Many people think they are the most important part of our life, others would disagree. In my view childhood years are most beautiful years of our life for two important reasons. The main reason is […]


Computer, the best invention

Since the first computer was invented in the 1960s, computers are bringing a lot of convinience and benificts in my country. From ordinary life of people to the cut-to-edge science, computers are playing an important role not only in the origin purpose it was designed for, but also in some area to amusing people. First […]