Life span

People’s average life expectancy has icreased in recent years, it might because of the improvements in techology and medicals. Althogh the senior citizen can make contributation to the society, the proportion of the senior citizen has icreased in our society that is not a optimistic insituation. The society will face the challege when they become […]


People are living longer now

Recently, lifespan of people is becoming longer. There are several reasons of this phenomenon. Different people will have different opinion this statement. In my opinion, I think the reason is that develop of medical technology, improving the number of public accommodation, and people today tend to more care about their health than those in past. […]


Jobs for teenages

There are some things to consider when thinking about education students. Different people will have different opinions whether or not teenagers should work while they are still students. While some people may think having jobs prepares young people for the real world later on, I do not think the way. In my opinion, having jobs […]


New tech

Ever since the 21st century begun, our society developed in a lot of aspects, technology, education system, poverty and medical care all over the world. In my opinion, this century is the start of new era for technology. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explain in the following essay.  To begin […]


Saluda natural spring water

The author concludes that drinking Saluda Natural Spring water instead of tap water is a wise investment in good health. The argument is based on the following two facts: 1) laboratory studies show that the spring water contains several of minerals which are necessary for good health; 2) the people who live in the small […]


Soy protein

The fortification of nutrition is one of common strategies for cereal companies, and some customers have been convinced to the advertisement related to health. The course of president’s thought is, however, too simplistic to have the increase of profit guaranteed. There are three big holes in his argument. First, the health benefit of soybean might […]


In what way are music and art important?

The art of music has long been an indispensable part of human existence. A fundamental cornerstone of our civilization, music has always had the magical power to make things move, from bringing individuals to undertake heroic acts to uplifting nations singing under a unified tone to achieve great things. Music is what babies are first […]


Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment

Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment. Meantime, many regions in different continents are suffering from awful famines. In order to combat these famines and avoid people die during these disasters, many people believe the governments in each country should put people’s lives in the first place, ignoring the […]