Co-working enhancement

Recently, it is very common working without talking with people or doing their job by themselves thanks to the development of IT. It is true that working style has changed dramatically in a last decade. Therefore, some people think that working independently is better. However, as far as I am concerned I think working with […]


Global influences

I completely agree with the claim that all aspects of society such as education, politics, arts and sciences will benefit from international influences that have been made possible by growth in global networks in areas such as economics and communication. It is an accepted fact that we can make more valuable contributions to a field […]


Is the Earth being harmed by human activity

It is widely accepted that developing human civilizations is conducive to harming the Earth. The more increase in population demands, the more industrial advancement and the less attention to the capacity of the Earth. Although a certain conclusion cannot be made regarding whether the man is harming the earth or not, in spite of all […]


High School vs College

This magazine editorial states that because real earnings for men with only high school degrees have decreased significantly over the past 15 years while real earnings remained flat for male college graduates, the sole focus of the country’s educational goal should be building enough colleges for all high school graduates to attend. However, this reasoning […]


Major Cities Essay

While attempting to understand any given society, it is important to understand the wide range of things that govern such a group. Societies can be characterized as an accumulation of people, generally by close proximity in geography, that live together in a type of structural order. This order, which dictates things such as government, education […]