Wealthy Donors for Platonic

The proposal above from the development office at Platonic University recommends that the university make advertisement to its alumni and other wealthy people in order to solve the budget deficit issue. This proposal is based on the success of Green University, which recently renamed itself after a wealthy donor gave it $100 million. The recommendation […]



Nowadays, environment issue is getting more and more attention than before, the government and the scientists discovered many ways to protect our environment,such as travel by bikes or walk to destination or reuse and recycle materials or even purchase local organic food, personally, I thinks the most way to help protect our environment is through […]


Human and other species

There are people that think that human needs are more important than saving land for endangered animals, while other people think that human needs have to be managed in order to save land for endangered animals. In my opinion, human needs have to find a balance with the need of the endangered animals for different […]


Mira Vista College

The president of Mira Vista College seems to be laying out a strategy to respond to perceived discrepancies between Mira Vista and Green Mountain College in regards to the success of their students obtaining employment. However, the argument the president makes contains several assumptions, and falls short of providing evidence that would more strongly argue […]