Words of encouragement

Different languages have different kinds of expressions to encourage people. However, “never, never give up” would be one of the most common and popular expressions across various cultures and languages. I am also familiar with the expression in my first language Japanese. From my personal experiences, I would disagree with the statement for two reasons, […]


Grades do encourage students to learn

As modern education continues to become more and more liberal in character, the usefulness of grades as a form of assessment has been called into question. Personally, though, I believe that grades do encourage students to learn. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, […]


Life is short

How fast should we do something? This is a controversial issue and there are two possible attitudes toward it. Some state that we should do everything as soon as possible, while others mention that we do not have to hurry. I think this answer depends on personal experience, personality type, and emotional concern, but as […]


Study with diligence

Some people think that students should earn money to reduce the financial burden of their parents, while others think that students should approach their studies with diligence and care. In my opinion, students spend their time studying rather than working. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. […]


Plan and organize

Life of people are becoming increasingly complex with more and more new concepts as well as emerging techniques. Therefore, the ability to plan and organize for young people seems with greater importance than ever before. I would then examine below the specific reasons for preparing a plan according to which are the most common view […]


Education for children

Education for children at a very young age has been payed tremendous amount of attention by parents and is always an important issue that parents should take care of. Some of those parents have come up with several unique ideas to make their kids’ performance better. Of all the performance of children, grades they attain […]


University should hire non-native speakers as languages instructors

At first glance, the author’s conclusion that the university should hire non-native speakers as languages instructors instead of hiring native speakers for all language classes seems reasonable. However, a careful examination of the claim reveals that the argument relies on a series of unsubstantiated assumptions, which render it unconvincing as it stands. Before any final […]