Preschool education

Preschool education is at the heart of development of a person , so more and more adults have attached great importance to their children’s preschool education. However, it is not cheap for parents to pay the tuition. Therefore, some parents appeal to the government to make preschool education free of charge. In my opinion, I […]


Youth today can influence on the important decisions

The statement raises an issue which concerns whether youth today can influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society. Two antithetical ideas can be identified, one holding that, the other arguing that. From my perspective, youth. Admittedly, elders have some advantages when they want to influence those decisions that are important for […]


Paintings, sculptures etc

Art has always been the the culmination of all the creativity of a nation expressed through various mediums like paintings, sculptures etc. However, the issue whether government funding of arts is detrimental to or essential for the enhancement is a debatable and complex one. Definitely, one can argue that giving funds to arts can make […]


College education

The cost of a college education has increased over the years. With the ever-increasing amount, there has been calls for providing students with a free college education. By offering students a free post-secondary education, students will not be left with thousands of dollars in debt. Still, with a free post-secondary education, it brings too many […]


Newspaper Coverage

In the memo above from the publisher to the staff of Clarion, the publisher claims that the newspaper should consistently devote a greater proportion of space in all editions of the Clarion in order to increase circulation and profit. The premise of this claim is based on the fact that in a recent survey taken […]


Vitamin A deficiency

While it may be true that people in the impoverished nation of Tagus are suffering from vitamin A deficiency and government of Tagus should do everything it can to tackle such unfavorable condition, but the remedy offered by this author, to promote a new breed of millet doesn’t effectively relate to the problem faced. And […]


Clearview retirement

In the magazine article above, the author claims that Clearview should be a top choice for people planning for retirement. This conclusion is drawn based on the fact that Clearview’s housing prices has fallen in the past year and that retirees can expect to receive great healthcare in Clearview due to the higher than average […]


Government funding

Wheather government funding is good for the development and generalization of arts remains a unanswered debate. Some people believe that it is good to have funding injected into the art industry while others may argue that it may damage the integrity of arts, influencing the development in a bad way. I believe that the art […]


Government should fund the arts

Some people believe that the government should fund the arts to ensure that it can flourish and be available to all people while others evaluate such funding a threaten to the integrity of the arts. In my opinion, these two extreme positions miss an important premise consideration. The effects of the funding have to be […]