You should change your goals

Many teachers tend to teach their students never-give-up mentalism. And also the trainers at major of companies will say “never give up, till you reach your goal! ”. I will disagree with this attitude since following reasons. First of all, no one knows where his or her goal is always. Probably, many of us set […]


Paintings, sculptures etc

Art has always been the the culmination of all the creativity of a nation expressed through various mediums like paintings, sculptures etc. However, the issue whether government funding of arts is detrimental to or essential for the enhancement is a debatable and complex one. Definitely, one can argue that giving funds to arts can make […]


Grades (marks) encourage students to learn

In this day and age, parents attach greater importance to their children’s education so some parents would award their children with money for each high score they gain in school because the parents believe that the awards would motivate their children to study harder. While others seem to stand in an opposite site and choose […]


Weekly money for children

In order to help children to adapt the ruthless society in the future, modern parents try to help their children to get several useful skills such as punctuality and money management. Under this background, some people acclaims that they should give their children weekly money to buy something they would like to buy because this […]


Natural souces

There is always debate whether it is right or wrong to give money to beggars who are asking for money on the street. There is pros and cons for this discussion but I insist that handing out the money to beggars is not justifiable deed based on below two reasons and one counter reasons. First […]


Three traits of ood parents

The quality which good parents have are seemingly common. Personally, I believe that good parents set good examples by their own behavior, give children many chances to know their strength and make their children feel being loved. First and foremost, good parents show example on what is being an responsible adult by themselves. The goal […]