Enjoy the game

Some people say that it is fun only when they win while they are playing a game. However, I strongly doubt this idea and believe there should be a moment regardless of whether you win or lose in a game. I like to use the following reasons to describe why I believe so. First of […]


Games teachs or not

There is no shortage of debates about what people learn by playing games and each view has its own strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I am of the opinion that we can develop our skills through virtual games, which are effective in our real life. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will […]


What do you think of games

Games, significant parts in students’ daily life, have been valued and even triggered a heated discussion about whether young students should be allowed to play video games. In many people’s opinions, video games will distract students and is a waste of time. Contrary to their opinions is my perspective that video games can bring benefits […]


Weekly money for children

In order to help children to adapt the ruthless society in the future, modern parents try to help their children to get several useful skills such as punctuality and money management. Under this background, some people acclaims that they should give their children weekly money to buy something they would like to buy because this […]


Help employees to avoid the boredom

In this day and age, much ink has been spilled out about whether a variety of types of tasks or similar ones could bring more satisfaction to workers. Some people claim that doing same jobs are easier, so that employees would become more satisfied. A large number of other people disagree, and argue that when […]