Grades (marks) encourage students to learn

In this day and age, parents attach greater importance to their children’s education so some parents would award their children with money for each high score they gain in school because the parents believe that the awards would motivate their children to study harder. While others seem to stand in an opposite site and choose […]


which is more important,book knowledge or experience?

In general, knowledge gained from books has a wider range than that gained from experience. We now live in a world that typophile is no longer exorbitant, and that printed matters are readily available. In libraries, we can learn nearly everything only if we have already acquired basic reading skills, philosophy, history, literature, physics, mathematics, […]


Turn Our Back to Practicality

In this age of escalating development of society, it seems that things without any practical goals deserves no striving for. Admittedly, such practical desires serve us more defiinite aims and better ways to access our achievements. However, even though the benefits practicality gives us, I’d like to say that we need to put our attention […]


Future jobs

College students have been struggling hard to gain success and stand in good stead in their future jobs. There are certain considerations or factors that everyone could take into account to investigate or examine the best ways for achievements in the work place of future. I certainly agree that the capability to form a good […]


Best source of knowlege

Which one is a better source of knowledge, books or experience? Different people may hold different views. Some people believe that experience is more important. Because experience is irreplaceable, which can provide knowledge that books cannot offer. Moreover, knowledge that learned from experience is always more impressive. However, in my view, although learning by books […]


People have to innovate to be succuessful

Last week I chatted on the phone with high school friend of mine, who is currently living in U.S., about what is the cornerstone of success. He mentioned that two months ago, as he memorized quite clearly, he participated in a speech delivered by Elon Musk in the school hall. He told me he got […]


Understand the culture through language

Some people claim that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language. From my point of view, I can only partly agree with this statement since I tend to believe that there are more than one channel, among which learning to speak their language is definitely the most […]


Childhood years

There are probably many people who agree with the idea that a person’s childhood years from birth to twelve years of age are most important years of a person’s life. I also agree with this idea that children from birth to twelve-year-old can spend the most significant time of a personal life. In this essay […]