Refutations of this statement

A lot of people probably think that taking courses to which high school students want is important and has positive effects for them. However, I disagree with the statement that high school students should be allowed to study courses that they want to learn. I will present several reasons to support my opinion. First of […]


Arts is more important

The debate over whether arts is more important than science has been raging for some time. Some deem that science such mathematics makes a difference on students’ intellectual development. However, I would say the exact opposite—for three reasons. First, studying arts such as history and literature will improve our critical thinking. Different from science, there […]


Open discussion

Although some people want to concentrate on lectures without discussions, I prefer classes with open discussions with almost no lectures for several reasons which I explain in the following essay.  To begin with, communication with classmates and professors is one of the good approaches to deepen the knowledge or to understand the study effectively. It […]


The secret of business

Although there is superfical similarity between secret of business and acknowledge something that noone would ever know, such as a special formula. In my opinion the real meaning of secret of business is the way of how to do busniess. The unique formula, in another word, the secret couldn’t be hiden forever, but the way […]


education eassy

Most people said that the main goal of students is to by heard the cause that explain why it occur and formula as well as theory.But,we need to consider that this way is really can support the situation that is full of knowledge for leaner.And,some believe that understanding and reviewing on the lesson is the […]


Do you think that if the past sciences were not being questioned, today the sciences would advance to this extent?

Do you think that if the past sciences were not being questioned, today the sciences would advance to this extent? With a scrutiny and peering into the past passage of the advancement of sciences, we will find out that skepticism in the sciences by scientists has opened a window for their advances. Advancement in nutrition, […]


Face to Face Communication

I strongly agree with this statement that face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication. Nowadays there are lots of different choices of talking types, but most of us still want to use the most traditional face-to-face communication. Why is that happened? It is because this kind of communication has his own special benefits. […]


facts and ideas

Facts play a very useful role in building up student’s mind. fact is not just a small statement stating an idea. It encompasses a lot of knowledge and real life application within it. facts are developed by means of rigorous brainstorming. The author of this statement claims that students should understand the entire building process […]