Exterior forces or self-will

Whether exterior forces or self-will is the dominant factor affecting one’s behavior is largely different from individual to individual. Although I cannot deny that people tend to behave differently under different circumstances, it is not necessary to draw a conclusion from that fact that they are making choices primarily based on forces not of their […]


Plants for medicine

Thriving of the population in mega cities is creating the demands services. And, subsequently, many jangles are destroyed every year by deforestation. Nowadays, governments manage various schedules to preserve the forests because the plants not only are the habitats of many animals, but also have significant benefits such as providing food, shelter, cover, and drug […]


I want a 6

The speaker contends that the concept of “individual responsibility” is merely a necessary fiction, and extends the statement to a twofold issue. The first part of issue claims that any society must hold individuals accountable for their own actions, which I strongly agree with. I don’t think the speaker’s second prong that people’s behavior is […]


Inner perspective is the basic

The statement argues that the most important forces which determine people’s behavior doesn’t arise from themselves, but from others. At the outset, this can be convincing, if we dig deeper in line with reasoning I take, there can be a different case. In my opinion, this cannot be universally valid, as individuals have their mindsets […]


Individual responsibility

History of human being recorded the increasing of the society awareness with time. The concept of “individual responsibility” is a necessary fiction which attributed largely to the external forces rather than people’s own making. First, it is mandatory requirement to mature individual in the society to be solely responsible for any consequence made by themselves. […]


Technology and Progress

Without technology, the modern world would not exist. Much of what defines society today has been the result of recent technological innovations, many of which have become an integral part of the daily lives of global citizens in this day and age. Progression from one historical period to the next has historically been driven by […]


Forces determine

People’s behavior affects not only those people taking particular actions, but also other people surrounding them and sometimes even the whole world. This is an obvious statement concerning the results of our behavior. However, an important question arises concerninig the causes of action taken by different people. What is the main determinant of people’s behavior? […]