The dominance of black people in US sport

Racial constitution has been more diverse in the United States, and black people have obtained the social status as the part of heterogenious community. In particular, their perofomance in the sports is outstanding and has been the dominant in the US sport. I think that this situation attributes to the physiological factor rather than sociological. […]


Sports or Academics?

Some people feel that physical exercise should be an important part of the school, others feel that schools should concentrate more on academics. A famous indian monk once said that India today needs more football grounds than libraries. I personally feel that sports must be an integral parts of a students school life. The following […]


always telling the truth

Everyone agrees that communication is very important in any kind of relationship, between friends, partners, colleagues and so on. However, there is not shortage of debate about whether or not also telling the truth is one of the most important considerations. Someone think that in some situations it is better not to tell the truth. […]



When it comes to the issue that do celebrities deserve to great amount of attention? Some people believe that they are worthy to have a huge of attention, because of the constructive role, they play within the society. However, others maintain the opposite view, and they think that celebrities participate in advertisements and give false […]