Teenage acne rising

The author in the argument above is discussing about the teenage acne rising over the period of time.He states that,despite of avoiding greasy food, the problem did not get any better.He further states the data of those lowering greasy food, to those who did not ,for a time frame of one month, showing as such […]



The reading and the wrinting is both about Altruism. The author of the reading believes that Altruism is the selfless act made by the human and the animal where they gain something that is little valued in return. The lecturer disagrees the point that is being stated in the article. She thinks that even if […]


Olympic Foods

The argument claims that Olympic Foods will minimize costs and thus maximize profits. To prove the argument, the company states that its long experience of 25 years will enable it to become efficient and thus decrease the costs. In addition, the argument cites the example of a color film industry, in which the costs fell […]


Automobiles greatly change our life

It goes without dispute that the invention of automobiles in the 19th century has significantly altered the way people transport, produce and even live. As far as I’m concerned, in particular, automobiles not only sprung up and offered a new kind of transportation, but also boosted the industry and production worldwide, greatly changing people’s lifestyle. […]


Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment

Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment. Meantime, many regions in different continents are suffering from awful famines. In order to combat these famines and avoid people die during these disasters, many people believe the governments in each country should put people’s lives in the first place, ignoring the […]


Enchanting laws against food adulteration

There are numerous countries with innumerable strict rules imposed to protect purchasers in term of unadulterated foods. But according to the figures most of them are bitterly suffering from counterfeit in food products. Therefore it is so obvious that big efforts should be made to increase the appreciation of other necessary items done simultaneously to […]


My father

I have a 42 years old father. He is short and thin but good looking. He has black hair and black eyes like many other Chinese people.   My grandfather was very poor when my father was young. So my father had to work hard. Now, he has a good job but he still works […]


Outdoor or indoor

I would prefer to be outside for my leisure activities because it makes me less stressed after the weekday works. When I go outside on weekends or holidays, I usually meet my friends to do sports, have good food, and join cultural activities. These activities make more relaxed than being inside. There are mainly three […]


Vitamin A deficiency

While it may be true that people in the impoverished nation of Tagus are suffering from vitamin A deficiency and government of Tagus should do everything it can to tackle such unfavorable condition, but the remedy offered by this author, to promote a new breed of millet doesn’t effectively relate to the problem faced. And […]


Study abroad

Nowadays, international communications have become more and more frequent and convenient, education becomes a worldwide affair too. The ratio of undergraduate students study abroad after graduation has doubled in the past two years, most of which choose to study in America regardless of the fact that the tuition needed has increased dramatically. More and more […]