No matter what so ever field is talked about, its not uncommon to face critical judgements, whether they are from experts or any random person walking on a street.However,its note worthy to keep some points in mind before jumping to conclusions. Lucky are those people who get the opportunity to be accepted as well known […]


Field trips matter

With an increasing amount of educational resources becoming available to students, students have more chances to attend field trips. Some people believe field trips are useless because students just play during the process. However, as far as I am concerned, field trips play an important role in students’ education. Attending field trips can improve students’ […]


Luck and hardwork

I disagree with the statement that the success of people completely owes their hard work, and is not related to luck. Since some people may have distinct viewpoints, I would like to give detailed reasons including some examples in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, luck gives people opportunities to get promoted or to achieve […]


People have to innovate to be succuessful

Last week I chatted on the phone with high school friend of mine, who is currently living in U.S., about what is the cornerstone of success. He mentioned that two months ago, as he memorized quite clearly, he participated in a speech delivered by Elon Musk in the school hall. He told me he got […]


Treating difficult problems

We face many difficult problems in our daily lives. Some people escape from them and challenging easier problems, and others try to solve them. In this context, the question at hand is whether most experiences that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future, or not. I think treating difficult problems give […]