Live performance

Many people take much more interest in attending a live performance such as a sporting event or a music concert rather than flopping down on a sofa and watching this event on television. To me, I fully endorse the topic for the points that will be discussed below. The first point I would like to […]



Since the television was invented, it has influenced the people in many different ways. Surely, in the first years of spreading, this influence was less evident than nowadays. In our society, the television plays an important role in the people’s life. I think the television influences people’s behaviors with the advertising, that might be direct […]


Travel with a companion or alone

It is a common belief that people should be mature enough to travel alone; otherwise, traveling with a group is suggested. However, I would strongly prefer to travel on my own under any circumstances for some reasons that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. The first reason I would like to give is that […]


Airplanes Transportation

Transportations have developed over decades.We have wittneses great advances in its types.Yet still airplanes are the most advanced transportation vehicles. Based on my exerience intravelling, Airplanes are the most favorite for me.I had used airplane in my travel from Cairo to New York. It was a long journay but i didnt feel any tired during […]


Mass media

Mass media is always considered as an another tread of law because it has a huge influence on people’s life. It is irrefutable that all kinds of informational sources such as mass media, TV-set, radio or Internet affect on people’s mindset, their thoughts, way of thinking and understanding what is happening around. I would say […]