Hippocrene Plumbing Supply

In the local newspaper, an article concludes Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is running a successful path and Cumquat café is running a contrary path. The articles reasoning is based on the facts that Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is opening a new store in a different location and Cumquat Café is dropping its sales volume. Though article’s claim […]


Jobs have become increasingly diverse

Jobs have become increasingly diverse and various as the society as well as new technologies develops and improves. Meanwhile, parents have payed more and more attention to the jobs their children may take when they grow up. There are considerations or factors that everyone could take into account to investigate and examine types of jobs […]


What a the qualities of a good neighbor?

This is a difficult issue to answer and there are a lot of attitudes toward it. Some states rich and generous man is good, while others say their occupations are most vital. If asked, the both gropes would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. I think the answer depends on personal experiences, personality type, […]


Live a long ife

It is true that people live longer lives these days in comparison with the past. Of all countless factors which greatly contribute to this phenomenon, these are three conspicuous aspects as follows. The first point I would like to make is that people have got healthy and hectic lifestyles now. This means that they are […]


Price of newspaper published by The Mercury

In this argument, the author concludes that once the price of newspaper published by The Mercury is reduced to that publish by The Bugle, the circulation of The Mercury will be increased, thus attracting more businesses to buy advertising space in the paper. At the first glance, such a strategy appeals somewhat convincing, but after […]


Our community

       DISHONESTY KILLS RELIABILITY Certain considerations or factors that everyone would take into account in a re- lationship. People may look for honesty, altruism, understanding, loyalty, being thoughtful etc! Everyone would more or less wish that the person s/he is dealing with, has some of these virtues above. Putting them in an order […]


15-year-old drivers

The argument claims that fifteen-year-olds should be eligible for their driver’s license as older people can renew and retain their driver’s license without passing another driving test. The conclusion of the argument is based on the premise that fifteen-year-olds have better eyesight, hand eye coordination, injury recovery and reflexes. They are also less likely to […]



In this memorandum, the author reaches the conclusion that Apogee should close down field offices and conduct all its operations from a single location. To support this conclusion, the author claims that Apogee company was more profitable in the past when all its operations were in one location. What’s more, the author also points out […]