Thinning of Ozone layer and species extinction

The author is discussing the effects of thinning of ozone layer.He assumes that population of salamander species is declining and claims that the population of many other species will reduce too as a deleterious effect of thin ozone layer. Ozone layer is a protective layer surrounding Earth’s atmosphere.It defintately protects our planet from many foreign […]


Clean water

Clean water is critical for every creature on the mainland. Farmer uses water to irrigate crops feeding millions people in the country; both human and animal have to drink water for their living. Nevertheless, manufacture factory is polluting the water resource: our clear river become smelly, the fish almost extinct and the water cannot be […]



Advancements in the technology made man to lead a better and comfortable life. Inventions that of car , electricity , development in the field of architecture and many more has made earth to loose its natural resources. resources such as fuels , water, plants and animals are limited in quantities and should be used wisely. […]



Nowadays, with the growing trend of publicity, people virtually live in large cities. The issue of whether a zoo has a useful purpose arouses much controversy among people with different social strata. While some people extol the virtue of maintaining animals in zoos, there some others holding the view that there is no useful purpose […]


Test 040616

Some people may argue that protecting specific species which are on the edge of extinction is not proper because it is unnatural to save species which will extinct as a result of natural selection. They also may state that intervention by human may have bad effect on ecosystem. However, I personally believe that it is […]