Imagination vs Experience

While imagination can be a valuable asset, to say that it is more valuable because it allows people to approach tasks unconstrained is not a convincing argument. Imagination allows people to innovate, to think outside the box, and to solve problems creatively. However, without some level of experience in a given field, imagination can only […]


Risk taking

Numerous innovations have changed the world so it is better for the older to explore new things because they make lives easier. Cellphone has brought convenience to my grandpa since he could use it.He could message me or make a video call with friends on Wechat that is Chinese WhatsApp.He could also pay for almost […]


Responsibility as a leader

Since I’ve been a child, I’ve always tried to play a leader rule in games and gather people together to work as a team. Be a leader makes me feel stronger and passionate to handle problems. Leader position is comes with great responsibility. A leader should know well his/her team’s potentials and understand its member […]


Let them work

Some people think that teenage students should not have the jobs while they are students. However, I strongly believe that the teenagers should get job experience during they are students. In order to describe why I insist that, I would like to use the following reasons. First of all, the experience brought by the part-time […]


Un-planned trip

There can be much discussion on whether you like to plan for your leisure or not. Though both have benefits, I prefer no-plan leisure to well-planned leisure. I would like to discuss why I think so using following reasons. First of all, there is no big surprise in the activities if you planned very well. […]


Youth today can influence on the important decisions

The statement raises an issue which concerns whether youth today can influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society. Two antithetical ideas can be identified, one holding that, the other arguing that. From my perspective, youth. Admittedly, elders have some advantages when they want to influence those decisions that are important for […]


City life

There are many factors affecting our life, such as a working environment, weather condition in whole seasons, and the place to live. Some people prefer to spend their life in suburb area to relieve the city life stress. They usually say that a large amount of nature surrounding their neighborhoods also comforts them. However, I […]