false reasonning line

Merely based on the unfounded evidence and dubious assumption,the author concludes that it is significant to establish exercsing machince in the community center.To substantiate the conclusion ,the argument cites the example about the Muscle Monthly.Besides,the author also points out that because the health magazine features the pictures of bodyvuilders that uses satte-of -the -art exercise […]


exercise in school

Some people think that students should concentrate to study at school. Others think that students need to take some physical exercise in every school day. If asked, both groups will provide logical reasons to substantiate their assertions. I am personally convinced that physical exercise should be included in school program for following reasons. First, offering […]



The author has drawn a conclusion that the increase in childhood obesity is due to the suburbanization of America and the decreased opportunity for exercising. The author has drawn this conclusion based on two premises.The first premise is that the obesity among children has increased since 1970 and in the same year the proportion of […]


How could we reduce the stress?

According to my life experiences, I definitely suggest that we can reduce our stress by exercising, listening to music and cooking diverse cuisine. Undoubtedly, other kinds of entertainments can also reduce our stress that resulted from the difficulties of modern life. However, based on the personal preference of everyone, we should choose the entertainments that […]


solution of an arguement

The arguement draws conclusion that the people who have pets in their homes are more healthier and have longer life on an average as compared to the one who do not have pets. However, the pet owners tend to have lesser risk of heart problems.As Sherwood hospital had formed a partnership with sherwood animal shelter […]