Exercise room

In this day and age, varieties of ways can be available for school to choose to improve the students’ life quality in the dorm, for example, building a room for study, or exercise, or entertainment. We must concede that a quiet area can provide students a place to do homework efficiency without the waste of […]



With the development of modern society, it is common to see people walking their dog in the park. These people raise pets, feed them, keep them accompany, and regard them as a part of their family. Meanwhile, opponents of such relationships might state that this kind of behavior is unreasonable since pets cannot think as […]


Stay healthy

Nowadays, after enormous progress of medical knowledge, there is a hot debate about different ways to stay healthy. Although practitioners inform people to follow these simple rules, they do not pay attention so the rate of diseases are higher than past decades. As a pharmacist, I noticed that some small changes can make a huge […]


Sports to Children

We can often see children with young age starting practicing and devoting much time into specific sport. This phenomenon is especially prevelent in Chinese society, which parents always hoping their children become well-known in certain professions, such as elite athletes, professors and politicians . Many advantages and disadvantages arise along the excessive time these children […]



The author of this argument claims that the doctor should encourage his patient to vigorous outdoor exercise instead moderate exercise. To support this recommendation the author cites the following facts. A research tracked wit 500 middle-age man from different country over 20 period years, show that men who do vigorous exercise outdoor physical activity lived […]


How to spend my free time

Many working people are waiting for their weekends. They can forget about their jobs and do anything they like on weekends. There are so many ways to refresh and we can divide them into two types of activities, outside ones and inside ones. I prefer inside activities because of several reasons. First, it is because […]