why attend college

After graduating from school, many students choose directly enter the work force. Other students, however, decided to attend college to obtain more knowledge. As for the reasons for attending college, different people hold different opinion, I believe the most common reasons involved are to gain more knowledge, prepare for career and accumulate new experience. Firstly, […]



Successful countries, called developed countries, are reflected in their excellent health services, high education levels, and equal justice practices for everyone thereby improving their citizens quality of life. Furthermore, developed countries are difficult to be influenced by the monetary crisis even they tend to control the world economies. All these characteristics of wealthy nations are […]


Debate of Internet

To the statement that internet provides people with lots of valuable information, I do have something to say about, and generally speaking, in my opinion, Internet is a excellent way for people to collect and search useful materials of words or images or even sound and videos, that is a combined tool of other kinds […]


Formal education

The role of academic institutions is very important for professional and personal development of people. Formal education not only allows us to gain knowledge in a particular field of study, but also opens for us new horizons and excellent opportunities that we would not be able to have otherwise. Even though it may seem that […]