Plan and organize

Life of people are becoming increasingly complex with more and more new concepts as well as emerging techniques. Therefore, the ability to plan and organize for young people seems with greater importance than ever before. I would then examine below the specific reasons for preparing a plan according to which are the most common view […]


Does Quality matters?

The vice president of the Dura-Sock company argues that since their recent study indicates that the quality of their socks achieved trough the use of ‘Endure’ process is not an indicative of whether or not their customers would continue to purchase their product, the company is wasting money on this costly step in the manufacturing […]


role models

Leaders are someone who are followed and admired by the people. People walk on their footsteps. Leaders are elected by the society so that they can help their society to prosper. I partially concur with the statement that in order to understand the society it is best to examime only their role models. Here are […]


summry easy

Everybody need to learn various knowledge from people but the very important point is that who can support to be a person who is full of various knowledge.We can learn various knowledge from different people who possess different thinking. In my opinion,by learning from people whose views contradict ours,our can have the chance to examine […]