The importance of homework

Recently im modern society, people’s sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the importance of homework. If asked, each individual would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I think that homework is necessary for students every day. Of course, there are advantages not to assign homework […]


Dangerous sports

Many people are attracted to the dangerous sports or dangerous activities like rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding etc.. There could have many reasons why they are attracted to such dangerous activities even though there is too much risk. In my opinion, the reasons that attracted them to do such risky and dangerous activities are explained […]


It is a common phenomenon now especially in China that students are required to finish homework every day. Apparently, giving

It is a common phenomenon now especially in China that students are required to finish homework every day. Apparently, giving assignments is considered as the most common method to enhance students’ comprehension of knowledge taught. The entire teaching system cannot do without it. In a sense, daily homework is indeed an essential approach to achieve […]


Women and men

There were always discussions and disputes about the nature of men and women. People say that women are considered as a “weak gender”, while men are considered as a “strong gender”, which is clearly understandable. I somehow agree with the statement that women are more peaceful than men. As I think everything depends on a […]


Daily assignment

Some people think that daily homework is not necessary for students. However, I believe that doing homework everyday is necessary for students for the following reasons. First of all, doing homework everyday enables students to learn subjects quickly. To take an example, when I was a junior high school student in 2002, my math teacher, […]



Everyday, a lot of human activities were made from everyone on the Earth. We know, since ever, that the life of the Earth is not endless. The resources on the Earth, like petrol, gold, are limited. The men act, everyday, in a good or a bad way. Every action that we do, might be helpful […]



Our world is changing rapidly. Every day, new technologies are invented, new things are created from nothing, that few years ago were impossible just to think about. In addition to this, also the transports world changes everyday. A lot of people thinks that new automobiles and bicycles have changed the world, but I’m completely in […]


Daily Homework

Education plays a significant role in our lives. Homework is one of the most frequent used tools in education. It is used in every stage of education, from universities to elementary schools. Some teachers assign homework to students every day. In think, it is so excessive. In my opinion, daily homework is not necessary for […]