In context that world is going through a rapid development many aspects, including economy, life standard and medical level, and the average income per person is many times of that years ago, many observation claims that Young people are enjoying life more than the older people. I do agree with that. The young people’s enjoying […]


City life

There are many factors affecting our life, such as a working environment, weather condition in whole seasons, and the place to live. Some people prefer to spend their life in suburb area to relieve the city life stress. They usually say that a large amount of nature surrounding their neighborhoods also comforts them. However, I […]


The United Kingdom

Spending two weeks abroad must widen our horizon whichever country we choose. Considering my current circumstance, the United Kingdom is the first choice. Firstly, for academic reason, and secondly to meet my childhood friends. The first reason to visit the UK is to further my research project. I am a historian of English political thought […]


Should the study of history emphasis on individuals

I concede that groups of people play more pivotal role than key individuals in some historical developments. However, I think we should also emphasis on individual contribution to history because they were more important than groups of people in other developments and inspired us in current life. Thus, I disagree with the claim that the […]


Modern History

– If I ever have the chance to study a subject that I had never studied before, I would choose Modern History. Modern History is the study of the international chronicle events that take place since the beginning of the twenties century until now. During this period, the world has witnessed many happenings that have […]


Technology has improved the way we get information

Technology has greatly improved the way we get information. Students can now get more information, get it more quickly, and get it more conveniently. The Internet and the World Wide Web has opened every major library and database to students around the world. Information comes not only in print form, but also in multimedia. You […]